What it's like being an insurance agent

Being an insurance agent can be one of the most rewarding and difficult jobs in the state. Knowing when your clients are in the way of a giant hurricane coming to your state, calling all your clients that have payments pending, cancellation status or finding insurance for a client that are currently self insuring is VERY stressful. Once the hurricane passes and your client thanking you that they have a brand new roof, screened enclosure, fence, complete home rebuild and/or mold repair fully covered by a proper homeowners insurance policy IS very rewarding and makes your hard work worth it.

Through-out my career of writing homeowners insurance and working with clients to explain it is worth the $10 extra monthly cost for water back-up, ordinance or law coverage, food spoilage, screened in enclosure as a few for example. I have never regretted this. I know that my clients have correct coverage for their individual needs, each policy is written specifically for the individual client and to their needs.

Insurance agents are people too, I am a bargain shopper, so I do not need 50% (of dwelling A) of personal property on my home. I can do most small repairs on my and do do not need to put a claim in when I have a simple water leak. A lot of people do not have time or experience for this and will rely on insurance for these claims. Adjust your deductible for these needs.

Last thing is don't be afraid to ask the agent who they have their homeowners insurance with? If it was you, what company would your choose for your family or yourself? How much personal property would you put on your family? I know I am happy to help answer any questions.

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